Monday, December 04, 2006


First and foremost I know today is December 4, and I put the 3 on the picture I will be fixing that after this post. Well to days post is about Hope. Today we received an email from my brother in law and sister in law, who are in Guyana on a three year posting. My brother in law is a Minister with the Presbyterian church and my sister in law is also involved with the church. The email today made me think, (I know Ian imagine that) because of what his message was about HOPE. As i was driving home tonight, I thought about this, you have to have HOPE, your whole existence is based about HOPE, if there is no hope then there is only despair. People who give up have lost all hope can see nothing ahead of them. Ian thanks for the email it made me sit up in my comfortable house and think about other individuals other than myself.


  1. Hi LEE:
    I read all your blogs and love every drawing...YOu are very a good artist.......I love the pic of u and your sister........WE will sure miss our sis this year since it will be the first.......But we have such good memories of her and christmas.....I sure appreciate your kindness you have showned to me this last 6 months since it has been so hard for me.....take care and keep up the good work........YOur sis Vicki

  2. not Linda but close3:56 PM

    named in your blog. I'm honoured. And I'll for sure keep checking in.
    Not LInda
    This one is getting the family response.


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