Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'am Done Cooking till the New Year....

I hope everybody had a great Christmas. I did! But way to much cooking, so I am not cooking till the New Year, everybody around here has to fend for themselves. Wont be to hard we are off for dinner out tommorow night, and friday, and New Years eve we are doing nothing, so I for sure will cook a special dinner. I got some really nice presents, a watercolour set (i wanted to try my hand at watercolours) some new paint brushes, sketch pads, perfume, books (I love to read) and misc stuff, so I was very spoiled. The weather cooperated this year and we had nice warm days and no snow. Today I went out (took the day off today) and did some shopping with my daughter, it was quite busy, I did not buy anthing but there still is the weekend. Well I must go and get my lunch ready. What else but a turkey sandwich as its work tommorow. So its back to normal and I will talk to you guys tommorow. At studio friday I submitted an idea and they used it this week, so I better post. Oh by the way this is my family, Mums, sister inlaws, cousins etc The ones missing is me (taking the picture) and hubby who hates getting his picture taken).


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