Sunday, December 31, 2006

Looking forward to 2007...

I am really looking forward to 2007. Really 2006 has not been a great year in my famil, heartattacks, deaths, family problems, the list seems to go on and on..
So 2007 I have deemed to be the year of a better life for all. I have been thinking about goals, dont you every year do a new years goal and then 3 days into the New Year you break it. Well this year I am going to set 5 goals and ensure that I carry them through for the new year. Now I know you are not suppose to tell anyone your goals but I want to be accountable so here they are: Goal: Lose weight/Not is that not everyone's goal, but I want to do it for my health> Goal 2: Excerise/now this is a major goal, as this girl hates excerise (my treadmill re laundry holder can testify to that/Goal 3: Enroll in an Art course at Universtiy/now this also is a heafty goal as I am always comparing my talent to others and always falling short. Goal 4/Improve my photography skills/take my camera more places and get the unexpected shots/Goal 5:Try to do something for someone else other than my self/pershaps volunteer I havent really decided on this one yet. Now I will get you imformed of my progress in regards to these goals. We are having friends over for dinner , Steak, and garlic shrimp, the works, stuffed baked potatoes and a movie. My friend is going to hook up my home theatre that we got for Christmas, Hubby is not inclined that way. Well I hope you all have a great time and a safe and happy New Year. And here to blogging in 2007.,....


  1. Michelle8:17 PM

    Your goals sound awesome and I love your approach! How often do we create a laundry list of intentions only to fall short and then feel like failures? I wish you success Lee!!!!

  2. .... you are my inspiration Lee...and together we will help each other to achieve these goals....I will think about mine and write them in my journal at home and share them with only you....all the best to you this Year...we certainly do need some peace in our lives....and this is the year to strive for this.....

    Cheers to us!

    Love Sandy..


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