Monday, December 25, 2006

I will remember....

Merry Christmas to you all. Today on my blog I remember my sister Delta Louise Martin, who passed away this year, in January, she had just turned 55 two weeks before. It was a surprise we were not ready for it, it was a heart attack, she was at home not feeling well and everybody was at work. I want to tell you a little about her, She grew up in a warm loving household, the oldest of three sisters. I am about 2 years younger, and the youngest is about 12 years younger. She was a normal sister, we got into a lot of fights about her clothes, I always wanted to wear them, and she did not want me to. But just sister stuff. She grew up and married her soul mate Bryan. They eventually settled into Vancouver. She had a son, lets just say her family was her life. Her husband and son meant the world to her. She had a great job that she loved, and was happy to go there each day. The last time I saw my sister, was last Christmas, I came just after Christmas and stayed till her birthday. Truthfully I think I was meant to go there and see her at Christmas, we had a great time, visited, laughed, hung out with our Mother, spent New Years altogether, her husband, me, and my mom, and celebrated the new year. Almost 3 Weeks later she died. I will remember her, as a Young girl, a teenager, a wife, and a mother, and a devoted, caring sister, who loved her whole family. We miss you and wish you were here to share your life with us. We love you always......


  1. I like your blog very much - I am so sorry about your sister passing so I got the courage to drop a note to you. The write up on your sister is very touching and I am sure she would have loved it. Cheers.

  2. Anonymous7:18 AM

    beautiful just like you all are I hope your christmas was enjoyable I also miss Delta but didn't get to see her before she died so you must cherish those moments for ever she will alway be with us in our memories and our hearts give my love to Darren and Bryan
    love always cousin

  3. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I miss my eldest sis so much she was like my mum.......wait I think she thought she was........she loved my boys like they were her own....and for her family she loved them so much! I admire her so much and miss u deeply.....xxooxoxox Vicki her baby sister......


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