Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Star of Wonder Star of Light

I know I missed day 5, but here is day 6, I am going to do day 5 tonight and day 7. Well tonight its just me home alone. I got a plan to clean the house and do art. So the journal entry will be short. Last night My daughter and I atteded the retirement party for my husband. About 150 people and lots of fun, he got some great original art as gifts, we had a great time. It really was not to late of a night witch is great. On my way home tonight I stopped at Chapters to get a book, and a homeless man asked me for money, I gave him some. But it got me thinking, how could anyone that lives in the province in Canada where I live be homeless or out of work. We are having a boom in Alberta, Oil is big, jobs are plentifull on the streets eveyone has signs they need help. We are bringing in people from other provinces to work in the fast food industry etc. Do people not want to help themselves, its mighty cold out there to be cold and hungry. Well should go talk to you all tommorow.


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