Thursday, December 07, 2006

Studio Friday - Color Combos that make you Crazy

I find orange and yellow very hard to work with, there are so many shades of yellow. I dont paint to much with yellow, and never with orange. I know orange and brown look good together, but I just dont like the color of orange, so I dont use it. Another color is tan, or beige very hard to use.


  1. I agree but find I can use orange with say green, but never blue...odd.

  2. I found your blog at SF. I have to say I love orange and yellow...and you would probably dislike the interior of my house! LOL! Oranges, yellow and greens. Have a happy weekend!

  3. I like orange, but in small amounts, and clear yellows, but not that acidy yellow that's way too bright. I had to laugh at Cindy's comment because you probably wouldn't like my house either—my studio walls are the color of a canteloupe!


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