Friday, October 09, 2009

Feeling the Heat

Another page from my travel journal.  Well doing a bunch of last minute things.  Like packing, etc.  I am trying not to pack to much.  Do you pack to much and then never wear most of what you pack.  So I packed then I reduced the things I put in. Then the shopper came up to see what I was taking, and put the things back that I took out, she said I need those things.  So she left and then I took them out again.  I am packing for warm weather.  Here you need your mittens and hat, it is so cold. 
Tonight we are out for dinner with the mothers, then home early as the plane leaves quite early in the morning.  So hopefully will talk to you all from Arizonia.  If not I will talk to you when I get back.


  1. Hey Lee....Have a safe trip and a great time. Do lots of shopping and show us all your goodies when you get back. Have fun!!!

  2. Anonymous4:06 AM

    I really like this idea of the travel journal :)
    its freezing here too, cars are iced up on a morning and such!!

  3. I hope you are having a fabulous time in Arizona. I like the piece also.

  4. |Hi Lee...great art!!! I have been thinking about you gals...and hoping that you are all having a ball and shopping until you drop each day....don't forgot your sunscreen!

    ttu when you get back...pass a hi on to ML and LE...


  5. Where is Lee????? I sure hope that she has enough money to return from Phoneix!! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip and seeing more art!!


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