Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Canadian Hottie

Meet Jackie, one of my pals that went on the trip, she has blonde hair, and in honor of her canadian roots a winter cap.  I sure when she looks at this she will be mortified by oh well artists lisence.
Had lunch with the Phoneix girls, minus Jackie, got caught up on all the goinings on since we last saw each other in Phoneix.  Picked up my Mother who is coming for dinner and a sleep over tonight.  And now am about to start to put this house back together again.......after the floor installation.  Other than that I am not doing to much.  I am in art trade by way of Janet, where you send it to 6 people and so on and so, its like a pyramid but without the money (darn).  So if you read this blog and are interested I need a couple more people.
Well talk to you all soon.


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