Monday, October 19, 2009

She's back in the groove....

Hi, got back late Friday night, and needed the weekend to recover from my holiday.  I had alot of fun times and I am all tired out from them.  We shopped till we dropped, stayed up way to late, slept in and ate way to much..  I must have gained a ton.  But well worth it.  We laughed and talked, and told each other all our troubles and of course everyone agreed with you, because that is what friends are for.  I did a little art in my travel journal, and some updating.  I love working in it.  So here are some of the pages in the journal. 

This picture to the right was my friends back yard, I used pencil and colored felts in it, that is all I had taken.  The next day the neighbour took down that tree you see, so I have captured it forever in my drawing.  To the left are some sketches of some of the things I saw and did, Margarita nights, cactus, and Dawgs (sandals) which are Canadian by the way, which we found in the flea market in Phoneix and I bought some.  Not in Canada where they would have been cheaper, but I am supporting the American economy.

This little nude number to the right, is a little  idea I had for a ATC that I have entered into for a swap.  The swap is suppose to be the Karma Sutra, but tasteful, how the hell do you do the Karma Sutra with taste.  I had lots of ideas but none I could have put on a ATC.  To the left my fav resturant on the trip, and underneath,a picture I found in the trash outside , which you cant see, but just imagine.  Close you eyes now and imagine garbage.. More pages tommorow.  Now got to go and get back into know housework


  1. Beautiful illustrations and it sounds like you had a fabulous time!

  2. Welcome back, you've been missed. Glad you had a great time. Love the journal pages.

  3. Hi Lee...glad you all made it back!!! I thought of you girls often and wished that I was there...hopefully nexy year! I will be in Edmonton Nov 20-28...hope to see you then...I enjoyed your post today!!! ttus

  4. Yea! You're home and it sounds like you had a fun trip. Your journal looks great. I'm trying to imagine garbage but I'm seeing gorgeous pictures instead!


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