Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goodbye...Phoenix it was lovely

This will be the last post about my trip...I think you will be fed up by now.  I dont know if you have noticed by I have been spelling Phoenix wrong...so sorry.Spell check does not work on blogger for some unknow random reason. 

The sunset picture was taken by the car in the Costco parking lot, they have beautiful sunsets.

The moose in my art journal was my ode to my Canadian roots, eh...dont you know we all say that.  The man in the parking lot selling the tshirts, knew two things about Canadians, they like hockey and say eh alot. Who knew.

We went to a bunch of great resturants, one of my favourties was the Horney Toad in Carefree (that name makes you want to go there) anyway the sign on the post before you entered said dont bring your guns in , so we didnt.

I got some of the magazines that I read at Barnes and Noble and was very happy as we dont get all of these, and we watched the Proposal on DVD, the only thing we watched all week.  Who has time for tv when there is shopping, talking and eating to do.

I loved the picture of the old lady, and had to put it in the journal......Well one thing left to tell you, my favourite store of all time is the Container Store, I go in and the lady working on the till is from Edmonton.  That was about the 3 time we meet someone living there from our hometown.  I think it is the Canadian destination for retirements.  Anyway back the container store, I went looking for a case that hold 24 letters and found it......i could have bought the whole store.  I have a thing for containers, paper, pens,......


  1. Glad you gals decided to leave your guns at the door... hilarious!!

    Container store....ahh yes...did you see their beautiful wrapping papers? I've bought rolls of it to tear up into journals..Delicious!

  2. THE HORNY TOAD!!!!! THE ANTHEM OUTLETS!!! (this is where I buy ALL my jeans) ...

    I'm so so glad you had fun, and that the weather was perfection ... it really was!! The travel journal makes me so smile!! This is the first time I've read the thoughts of someone VISITING Phoenix -- quite a different perspective than my own has become, as a long-time resident. A much needed kick in my attitude pants, too!

  3. I love your photos and your descriptions of Phoenix, Im here in the States and have never been Wester then Pennsylvania so thanks for the travelog. I may have to go to Phoenix though just to see the Horney Toad!

  4. HI Lee, thanks for sharing your journal pages as well photos! Sounds like you had a lot of fun and a great time!!!!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  5. No guns allowed, huh! Geez, it's the West! Doesn't everyone carry a gun?! It sounds like you had a great trip. And your journal pages reflect that.

    I'm always looking for good containers. I love anything like boxes, tins, tubs, any kind of container. They hold more stuff!!

  6. We did have a great time and it was all about being with great people. I wish I had gone in the container store, something you didn't know about me "I love containers too" maybe good thing I din't go in since I paid for overweight luggage as it was. Love your comments on Phoenix, takes me back in time.


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