Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Online and working it

Well I am back, got the computers all hooked up tonight, I am the computer person of the house, no one else knows how to hook anything up.  Well the floors are done and are beautiful, I am thrilled beyond belief.  Now the above picture says it all, no need to explain.  But me, I do look better with makeup.
Well tommorow I am off to get the flu shot at the doctors.  I was going for the H1N1 shot but the lineups are out of this world.  So i will wait for a few days.  How about you do you plan on getting the shot.  Much ado around these parts shot or no shot.  I am also going out to lunch with the Phoneix girls.
Well talk to you all soon.


  1. Anonymous12:34 AM

    I am so enjoying reading your blog every day! I am a no shot person but then we are going into summer here, but next winter it may be different!! Glad you enjoyed your trip away and the lovely journals you made after! Krissie at Winterwood.

  2. LOVE the photo of you in your jammies! I think I could live in my jammies....and sometimes I do!

    No shot for me! I've never had a flu shot and don't plan to start now. In fact I don't take any medications of any kind and only take an aspirin if I'm "dying"


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