Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello Tuesday, where did monday go

I have been silent lately, as I have been gettidng ready for the floor man.  He is here now and starting the floors, I am inbetween about them, I quess I will decide when he is finished.  To late now anyway.  These two atc are not finished as you can see she has no arms and the cat needs a few legs.  I am liking the way they turned out even if I dont like Halloween much I like creating art.  Today I started making a art journal, wish me good luck on that I have taken the course, thought about (i dont rush into things) and have now started will keep you posted on the progess.
I thought I did not have internet and really still cant figure it out.  I unhooked the main computer and moved and it and all its compents are unplugged.  But i decided to see if the laptop was working not counting on it, and here it is working..,...I am very pleased.  I did not want to miss to many days without posting. Or checking all my blogs.  Well should go talk to you all tommorow.


  1. Love your pages ...the colors are great. I can't wait to see your art journal.

  2. Your ATCs look great. I'm not a huge Halloween person either and I didn't join the swap for this month because of that.

    Yea! You're doing an art journal! I can't wait to see it.

  3. Hi Lee,
    Love your pages and thoughts. I check in with you every now and then to see what is going on with you as I feel we have become friends. I've been silent for a while,too. Sometimes too many things come up. Be happy:-)

  4. I love the cat -- it looks so art deco and statuesque ...

  5. Ooh I love that cat, he's gorgeous. Hope your journal making goes well!

  6. I love them even without the arms! Good luck with your journal. And add me to those not really enthralled with Halloween(luckily it will all be over very soon).


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