Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Angel Eyes

loved creating this little sample in my art book, I was doodling around came up with her, blah blah, then I thought  need a background.  Then it hit me I used those pages that I created with citro solve,pages and here it is, she not that pretty, I am still practising my portrait drawings, but I like my women funky looking.

On another note, lately well reading blogs, it has come to my attention that fellow bloggers are trying to pass off work that they did not do as there own.  Now come on people you are giving artists a bad name.  Just do your own work.  If this keeps us we wont see our fellow artists showing us there work, or even letting us know how they do it.  Its all about sharing, but to a point.  If your a true artist you learn by looking but not stealing and making it your own.  Here is a link to a great article on it on  http://www.julieprichard.com/blog/2011/5/30/i-will-not-remain-silent-artists-stand-up.html


  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Oh what rich texture...I love it! It has been so long since I've been into the nitty gritty business of making art in my journals. I've been busy sampling the digital art world on my iPad...and stuff like that, always creative in one way or another...but Lee...it's time to get busy..you have inspired me to make an artful journal entry of my own.

    and btw....anyone who copies...can they truly be regarded as an artist....yes, A CON ARTIST !


    ciao bella


  2. I like your funky women. This one is great. She looks like she has a lot of character and determination.

    As for the copying, what good does it do to make art that isn't your own? How can anyone get any satisfaction from copying from someone else? It's just crazy what some people will do.

  3. I really love your funky chunky woman too! I really am inspired by your art lee and must sit down and make myself do some more art.. I just seem to be so busy all the time!

    I cant believe that people would copy other peoples art!!! I think that takes the joy out of it all!

  4. Lee -- blogger didn't want to let me comment for a second! Whew, I nearly panicked. What would I do without LEE??

    Anyway, disaster averted. it seems to work now.

    I love this angel. Those round circles remind me of upholstry tacks on old furniture. It's amazing!!

  5. This stealing business makes me so sad, not just because it's wrong (and yes, it's wrong, it's wrong every single time, there is no excuse), but because people who have put all the effort into creating this work are likely to be relying on that to support themselves, it is their livelihood that gets affected. Very wrong, very selfish and very sad indeed.

  6. Hi Lee...thank you for your support!!

    Not so much a copycat though...a THIEF who took my class lessons and lesson plan and called them her own. More like an imposter. Either way..it's rotten.


  7. Anonymous5:33 PM

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