Thursday, May 19, 2011

spending money and taking pictures what a life

I entered a trade at LaWenda's and this is what I received from LaWenda
if you want to see what I sent her go to
I have been looking for this for ages, and found it today at Winners, I am going to paint and stuff on it, so my art room  does not look so messy
, I will take a picture when I do it

Went to my fav scrapbook store today (urban scrapbook) had a 40 percent off, and bought some 7 gypsies tissue paper, and stamper anyo stamps, watch for eye stuff coming.  My feet were not included

And last put not least I needed a little non stick fry pan to cook myself one egg if i wanted it and found it at winners as well.  Had a great day, beautiful weather and lots of good bargains.


  1. LaWendula sent you some goodies! It will be fun to use in collages. And I love the stamps and tissue paper. That two-tiered stand looks like it will be very handy in the studio. I'd say you had a very good day! All I did was go grocery shopping.

  2. OH love those stamps and other goodies! wow what a lovely stash!

    we dont have winners store here but it sounds like a good place to shop!

  3. So many goodies, it reminds me to have a day to just indulge in spending some money on nice things soon, not done it in a while, thanks for the reminder :)

  4. Wow - looks like great finds :-) love those papers


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