Friday, May 20, 2011

I am not a gardener

I can draw flowers better than I can plant them.  In fact I don't plant, I buy them already planted, hanging baskets, deck containers.  I envy people who have the knack for flowers.  I don't like digging in the dirt on my knees, planting, etc.  I have done it many years ago, but never with much luck, so now we just buy them and then at the end of the season not much to clean up.

But I like to look part, you know the Housewives of the OC in their long flowing dresses and hats.  Well I look like hell in a hat and I am not kidding, my daughter has notified me if I wear a hat around her she will pretend not to know me.  I have been on look out for one of those long flowing cool looking dresses that they wear around.  Now what do I wear now around the house, an old TShirt, Capri's, old shorts, sometimes a bra, or pjs.  But I can just picture myself on the deck in that dress having a glass of wine and just enjoying my life in Alberta, (ok lets just say its not California).  But the dress eludes me I try them and don't get that picture in my head, I see a tad overweight over the age of 30 woman who should not be wearing these dresses.  Oh well we can all dream

This weekend is the long weekend, (Victoria Day) Monday off for everyone, always off for me.  Big Family BBQ planned for Sunday 11 people, weather is going to be perfect, we are getting the deck ready and cleaned up, pictures to come.

What are you doing this weekend.


  1. I'm with you on the gardening. I don't have a green thumb so everything I have tried has died. And I don't look good in those dresses either. But we can still dream about flowers and we can paint them in our journals. That's good enough for me.

  2. what a fun weekend ahead! Enjoy!

  3. My bad back now doesnt let me do much gardening, and as for long dresses and hats... I'm like you on this one... but I can dream cant I? lol! But at least we can draw/paint flowers or journla on them! Have a great weekend! Like you... everyday is a holiday/day off for me too!

  4. I never really cared about gardening until I moved to England and realised how much fun gardening can be once you learn few tricks. I guess I'm lucky to be surrounded by a lot of English people who know so much about gardening and are passionate about it so they don't mind helping you and teaching you all that stuff :) I am also planning a big barbecue this evening with plenty of summer drinks :)

  5. Grandparents, Mom, relatives--all gardeners. Not me, but I appreciate the beauty and can tend some to things. I believe there's a hat for everyone!

  6. I used to have lots of houseplants and liked to putter, not so much. I never wear a bra around the house....only when I go out in my long flowing dress...haha!


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