Monday, May 30, 2011

walking on sunshine

don't let this title fool you, its not about walking on sunshine.  When I was creating this post I am working on collages for Kelly Kilmer Class the Journey of you.  I found out that one of my friends had left her husband.  I for one was shocked, here I am her friend and did not know that she and he had a problem. How could I have missed that, I saw them all the time, but truthfully as you and I know you show only what you want others to  This page is really about t life is not about what you  see on the outside, but what you dont see. what is on the inside.  Both you and I know that we keep some things to our selves that's just human nature, you don't want everything about your life out there, especially the bad parts.  Truthfully you need someone to listen to you and feel your pain with you, I hope she had someone like that for her.


  1. All true...nice post, Lee.

  2. oh that is so sad but so true. So many people of our age just end up leaving their spouses! It IS all about the outside image these days!

  3. Very true. We all have the side we share with everyone and the side we only share with those closest to us. And we all need someone to confide in from time to time. Having a good friend to talk with is important.

    Your collage looks great! I like all the images you've used. You always add that special "Lee" touch of color.

  4. Oh Lee, you are getting better and better!!! I love it!
    Concering the subject....yes sometimes it looks pretty on the outside but a lot of times behind the 'pretty walls' there it is not so pretty.
    I can understand that you are shocked especially if you consider her a friend, but like you said some keep it to themselves and ohters need to talk about before they do such actions.
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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