Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sketcbooks I have a few

When I first started with art again, I only had one sketchbook/visual journal/everything book.  Now I have branched out, I have a doodle book, I have a visual journal, I have a portrait journal which is above.  I use a
moleskin grid one, don't ask why the grid, I have no idea.  Here I only do portraits, and not great ones, This is a book I hope to look back on in one years time and see that I have made progress in my bid to increase my skill at portraits.  I would love to have the people look actually like something I sketched. But we will see, I like drawing and sketching, I find it relaxing and something I can do while watching TV with the hubby.  I only use, pencil and black ink in this book.I like to date them, tell where I found the picture .  I am thinking of putting the actual photo next to the picture which would be I think a good idea.

So how books do you work at and are they meant for something specific.

Thanks for all the comments on the blog, I finally settled on this, but who knows might change tomorrow.


  1. I work in several journals but don't have specific things I do in any of them. I have an old Canson sketchbook that I've had since 1995! It still has quite a few blank pages and I still draw in it.

    I've only tried drawing men a few times. I don't do them very good. Not sure why they're so difficult.

  2. i have a ratty old journal i keep in my car for doodling. it's great when i'm stuck in traffic or nothing to do at lunch break so sit by the river and doodle.


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