Monday, May 16, 2011

mish mash monday

Watching Becoming Chaz on OWN
Going out to dinner tonight with Hubby
CATSCAN one today results in 5-7 days
Vacumming, dusting, and laundry is a womans work never done
Sitting on the deck enjoying the weather
What arre you doing today?


  1. After another boring day at the office I got home, had a lovely cocktail with my hubby and celebrated the progress I've made with slowly building my own business which is now really taking shape, very slowly but it's getting there, so I'm happy :)

  2. Not much happening around here! Finished the upstairs hallway cupboards. All that's left to do is my studio and the on-going garage project.

    I hope the results are good news. It's not easy waiting several days to hear.

    Love your drawing!

  3. I had a training today and now its just time for some gardening and dinner making before doing the cleaning and organizing stuff left over from the weekend.

    and I think I'm going to start a book tonight. My first non-academic book in a lifetime! Whooohoooey!

  4. youll have to read my blog to see what I'm up!

    hope your scan results are ok!!! thinking of you!


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