Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A perfect day

today was about
Perfeect weather
Sleeping In
Buying New Shoes
Meeting good friends
sharing laughs over lunch
Walking the dog

watch this video technique it is so cool, love her videos


  1. oh yes I love all those things too! have another good one tomorrow!

  2. fabulous page!! I love love love your pages and have missed visiting. so glad to be back in blogland.

  3. Cool page! What are these sneaky serpents with the heart cord in their mouths? What does it mean? I love it!!

    I agree, it's great to have Lee back in the blog-o-sphere...

  4. What's better than new shoes! I'm glad you had such a perfect day. Love the page.

    And thanks for the video link. That was so cool.

  5. I'm enjoying your images! Esp the Mother's Day one and the one with the dog. Ah ... Good stuff.


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