Monday, May 09, 2011

The daily dose monday

Mothers day:  had a great day lounged around in PJ's and did nothing just let the man servant wait on me all day, since the shopper was working.  When the shopper finished work and came over I gave the man servant time off, and the shopper took over. The manservant and I went to the cemetery to put a flower on my mothers grave (not really a grave but a small box in a wall)and someone had been there and put a flower there, now this is a mystery as my moms friends are all in there 80 don't drive and could not have been there.  It was not a real flower, but a beautiful artificial one, tied with a flowing ribbon.  My sister lives in another province, my daughter did not do it, so who could have done it.  My story is my mother had a secret admirer from her building, who misses her, she would get a laugh out of that story, so that's my story and I am sticking to it.  I miss her so much you think that when your older and married and have a family you wouldn't miss your parents as much.  But that is your family, the family you were born in grew up in, and was loved and nurtured in.

The shopper and the man servant took me and the mother inlaw out for brunch on Saturday as Sunday is always crazy all in all I had a great mothers day.

Today:  The manservant had to go out of town for 3 days, so guess who is going to dance around the house, not make supper unless I want to, rent movies, sip wine, talk all night on the phone, and create art till all hours of the night.  and not pick up the vacuum, or dust cloth
.Yep you got it right me, except today I am off to the Dr.  I have this thing on my eye, that this specialist is going to take off, so I am a tad nervous about that, I might come home looking the pirate.  I will probably have to crack open a bottle of wine and get started early.

Okay enough about my life, what did you do for mothers day. 


  1. My mom died in 1978 and I still miss her. I don't think we ever get over that.

    I'm glad you had such a great day with everyone waiting on it should be! I like your theory about the flower for your mom.

  2. I immidiatedly thought of a secret admirer as I was reading thru the post!

    I had a very relaxing day too it was so nice! I miss my parents too and like you say its something that is weird as by now we shouldnt so much but yes we do and I think I always will! so agree with janet that I dont think we ever do get over them, even with time.

  3. I miss my mum too, I really think you never stop really regardless of how many years pass and how old you become, but lucky us to have so many lovely memories to treasure :)

  4. Lee, your humor is sooo awesome! I enjoyed reading your post!!!!
    Hope your eye is okay and you don't look like a Pirate ;) Concerning loosing your parents, I'm scared to loose my parents someday. I hope the big dark whole won't eat me up then.

    So off to read the rest of your new posts!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  5. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I miss Auntie too and am still sad that I did not get to come and see her in her new home in Edmonton but I have all my memories of the time we spent here on the coast so that is good Taren also misses her too we both had a special connection with her
    I hope your day was great as mine was good too went and saw my mom and dad and planted an apple tree for mothers day it is a combination of 5 types of apples I hope it takes as it should be quite neat to see all the different apples on the one tree I also then went and watched Ronnie's ball game
    love always your Cousin
    Kathy xxoo


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