Saturday, July 23, 2011

Are you a Foodie

When I was younger and living at home, I would not eat anything new or different.  Now truthfully we never had red peppers at our house, maybe you couldnt get them back in the dark ages.  Anyway
I totally will try anything now, I love red peppers, all kinds of peppers, nothing is off limits to try .  I love all different kinds of veggies and fruit, I could be a vegetarian if I did love meat so much.
What veggie have you tried lately that you think I should try, I need some new veggies in my life.


  1. I used to absolute hate veg, all veg, my poor mum had such a hard time getting me to eat any. But now I'll eat anything and my latest favourite is leeks, highly recommend them :)

  2. I'm mostly a vegetarian but I don't know of any new veggies to recommend. I used to only eat corn, green beans, and carrots when I was a kid but now I like most veggies except okra. Just can't seem to like that one!


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