Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Up Up and Away

I know, I know, there already up there, I forgot I made this one, so a few days late.

OK here is my question for you.  I am bidding on something on EBAY,
I am anEBAY virgin, never bid, is there a trick to winning the item,
there is me and another person so far
1 day 12 hours left
If you have done this before and know won, let me know how you did it
I want to win


  1. That's such a cool card. As for Ebay, I usually just do "buy it now" things because I never win bidding wars. It all comes down to the final seconds and who has the quickest fingers!

  2. Yep. The trick is not to bid. If you put your bids in there, the other bidders will see your bid...and then the price goes up and up...

    The key is to SNIPE. I used to use a service called "eSnipe" it. You check out the item, figure out your max bid and load it into eSnipe...eSnipe puts your bid in there with like 10 seconds remaining to the auction and you can swoop in and win without the other bidders knowing what hit them. Totally legal.. Costs a little money to join..worth it IMO.

  3. of course...the other bidders may have high proxy.....the key again is never to bis until the last minute. Let it sleep. If no one thinks anyone wants the item, they might not bid. :)

  4. I agree with both julie and janet... I have bid before and usually found that there is a bidding battle right on till the bitter end in the ;ast few seconds so the price goes up specially if it s a thing that a lot of people want, so I usually do the easy thing and buy the buy now things!
    good luck with your bid!


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