Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hip Hip HurraY

I know i said i wouldn't be here, but here I am.  Ok I had to go for this big test today at the hospital, and I thought it would be bad news, and I wouldn't be feeling good.  But hip hip hurray as the title says, I am all clear and I am healthy as a horse.  So hence my good mood.  I had fun making this card, there are layers, and some old art of mine, and some new art.....

The girls trip I think is still on, this time it is only girl, I have decided not to take Devil Dog, I do not want to be having to worry about her all the time.  If I want to go off the beaten path and take a photo I want to do that, and not worry.  If I want to stay in fancy hotels,. on the way to my sisters, I dont want to worry if they take dogs.  Now hubby says I should fly, he says my car might give me trouble.  I have a Honda, which has never given me a lick of trouble, I got her brand new , ok it was a few years ago .  So I am going to go to my "guy" and get her oiled up and looked at and he can tell me.  Also I am going to check the prices to rent a car just in case/  I might hit every small time in Saskatchewan looking for garage sales on my way to my sisters.  You never know.  But we started a little home renovation, and tomorrow we are getting the new rugs upstairs and on the stairs, and we are getting new blinds all on the main floor.  I just phoned her to get a date when they will be installed and I have to be around for that.

Other than that, the sewing machine has been set up for work on my Urban Journal, and I think tonight the night for that.  I have gessoed the pages in my paint brochures and now they are waiting for paint for the free class at Ludwigs.  So progress all around. and other than that I waiting for the jury to come back in the Casey Anthony trail (for my USA readers) because I am addicted to that case on TV. What have you been up to?


  1. a) I love this little card! So happy and sweet. great layering too!
    (b) a wandering vacation of being able to do whatever takes your fancy in that moment sounds delightful!
    C) have so much fun
    d) whooohooo for health! I'm glad you're doing well.

  2. That's the BEST news!! Glad you're fit as a fiddle, as they say.

    Love the artwork here. You use white in such a cool way.

    A solo trip sounds great. Getting to stop whenever you want to is the way to travel. I had a '90 Honda and it's still going strong. I gave it to my grandson a few months ago and he was thrilled.

  3. Hi Lee! Love that you are going to go n the trip. I wanted to do that but I chickened out.. I hope your car get's the a-ok too..just like you. Nothing much going on over here..finishing up projects here and there and trying to stay cool. :)

  4. so glad that your tests came up good... so three cheers for your health and your upcoming road trip! sounds good all round!

  5. Brilliant, glad all's well on the health front :)
    Road trips are my absolute favourite, I used to do 1 across Europe every year but haven't done one in a while, maybe it's time to plan for one soon, you've just given me an idea :)

  6. Hi Lee...great card...also love the 4th of July one below! Good luck on your home remakes. Great news about your test...It's always great news to get a good report!


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