Saturday, July 02, 2011

Its a Fascinate Day

In Honor or Prince William and Princess Catherine arrival in Canada I decided it was time to get into my finery. As you will notice I decided to wear my own creation of a Fascinate (hat).   Kinda Mickey Mouse meets royalty. Even decided to put on my own makeup, my motto to much is never enough

Well progress's has been made here at the Cass Lee, I have done the following on my journey to finish some of the courses I have taken, 1 day at a time:

Found an old book to use, and took out all the pages
enforced the spine
cut out all required tabs
measured and cut all pages required for book

pretty good for one day, today I am using the sewing machine for the pages
and starting to paint on the fabric which I have sketched on
I would also like to citrosolve some more pages

Well I better go it looks like I have alot to do and before I forget here is today's index card


  1. You did more than I did yesterday which was a big fat zero!

    The lady wearing the fascinatator and make-up is FANTASTIC!!!! I think she's my favorite of the things you've done recently and that's saying something because I like everything you create.

    The index card is great, too. I love the squiggly background. You're on a roll!

  2. Hi Lee, Love the lady in the top one and your index card is really nice. I am still trying to get back around to everyone's blogs, being gone sure messes one up.

  3. Your artwork is FASCINATING!
    That is one royal lady in that hat -- a self portrait...??
    I love it Lee!!

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  5. When I see how much you've managed to create I almost feel bad about taking it easy this weekend and not accomplishing anything except some rest :)

  6. Love the way youve done the face and decorated the fascinator in her hair! youre on a roll!

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