Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two for the price of one

this journal page just came together, you know you sit down and look thru your stash
and see what you have and you have no idea what your going to do.  I make copies
of all my art, and this lady I had drawn her head and put her in a bird cage.  So she now has a new life out
of the cage and on a new page. These old women reminded me of gossipy old ladies and how they would talk about people, hence the line who decided you were fat.

Now you all know what this is, I used to have a BBQ like this years ago with the coals, but of course we all now have the gas ones.  But sometimes I remember the days of starting the bbq and the trouble we always had.


  1. The top one made me laugh....I can just hear those little old ladies gossiping about all of us! I like how you re-use images from your own art.

    The BBQ card brings back lots of memories of grilling over charcoal. I must admit I like the taste better than grilling with gas but the gas is so much easier.

  2. Hi Lee, my husband still uses charcoal and smokes the meat...delicious! Enjoy your BBQ!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  3. gas bbq here too! thanks for the double pleasure of two art pieces! enjoy your bbq too!

  4. I have a charcoal grill and JUST (like this week) discovered a smoke chimney that gets the coals really hot with no trouble and no nasty taste from lighter fluid. holy cow. such a big difference!

  5. There is something quiet powerful about this journal page - it says a lot. Letting us know what the face began life as also gives more meaning to the whole page. It is humorous, but I suspect also a little serious.


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