Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Birthday Canada

I took a few liberties with the flag, there should be some white in there,
hope the flag police dont read this blog

Yep we are 144 years old, heres to another 144.

Yes that means its a long weekend starting today, and hubby is officially on holidays starting today.  18 days and counting.  My time will not be my own for 18 days.  I am not really that heartless, I am glad he is on holidays. 

I have added something new on the blog, look to the right you will see
Urban Journal Class
I am documenting to myself what I am doing , go over take a look, have you got projects that you want to finish, this summer, that have been hanging around and bugging.  This is the summer of
Project Complete
I am going to document my progress and be accountable.

So that's my plan what do you think, do you think I can do it.  Stay tuned check in and check out the progress.

Now I am off to go and  celebrate the birthday, and party all day long.


  1. Happy long Canadian weekend Lee!! I love the card and I'll bail you out of flag jail if you need it...!!

  2. Happy Birthday Canada!! Enjoy your long weekend.

  3. Great card, enjoy the holiday!!


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