Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Moleskine Sketch book

Just thought I would give you a little peek into my
(one of) sketchbooks, I have been practising my
faces here, the original on the left some famous
nobleman I got off the flickr free domain.  I
don't like to copy exactly as you can tell (lol).
There is alot of things that need work,.  As you can also see, I don't like to waste the page so I do other things. 


  1. You must do art all the time! I have several moleskines and I haven't even opened them lately. I like the face you did here. It's more interesting than the original.

  2. I have the same habit of not wanting to waste paper, so I, too, fill in a lot of the other spaces around the first sketch.

  3. what a good practice I think with an image... I do like your rendition of it!

  4. Hey Lee! I like this very much!


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