Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dental Madness

just a short message today as I am off for the root canal
and I don't think I will feel like blogging or doing anything after that

Do you remember the song We are family - by I think Pointer Sisters, don't
quote me on that, anyway when I created this I thought of that song
immediately.  I used wrapping paper with the birds on it,
added my own blue bird, and put the words on it in
Photoshop , and sharpened it up a little.

So I better sign off, and talk to you tommorow


  1. I love the tweety birds but I don't love that your tooth is still bothering you!!

    Will be thinking of you today. Get well soon Lee, I want you to be pain-free!!!

  2. love it. hope you're not feeling to bad.

  3. Love the paper on the birds...I always like the combination of print and paint...

    Hope the tooth is back to normal soon!

  4. love those colours the blues and the birds... wish ing you heaps of luck with the tooth and the post tooth recovery bit!


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