Monday, March 26, 2012

A full bladder and a movie review

Well how was your weekend? I went to the movie Hunger Games on Friday night, and loved loved it.  Followed right along with the book, I can see it being another twilight franchise's, because they just got through the first book, 2 1/2 hours long, did not seem that long, that how much i liked the movie. Did a little bit of shopping, looked for that butt baring bathing suit, but they were all sold out so had to settle for a regular one that actually fit my butt.  I did not try it on there, the clerk assured me that I could bring it back if i did not
like it.  So last night I tried it on, lets hope the mirror lies because I would scare all the kids out of the pool, with that bathing suit, so back it goes.  I guess I am looking for the suit that makes you look like the super model I am in my dreams.
I did a little bit of art, worked in my everyday book while watching TV, jotted some ideas down, but that is it.  Right now I am drinking 6 cups of water for a test I am having today.  I have an old lady bladder so I don't know how I am going to hold it all in till 11:00 .  Well until we meet again tommorow, Lee signing off.


  1. You gave me a good laugh to get my day started when you talked about your bathing suit! And also about having an old lady bladder. Good luck with your test.

    As always you did a fun piece of art. I keep telling you I love your birds and animals. You have such a unique style.

  2. Good luck on making your timeline! And thanks for the chuckle!

  3. i was thinking about seeing it too, but i was not sure i haven’t actually read the book. i think you convinced me.

  4. Let me know if you find that bathing suit because I want one too!

  5. Hi Lee...going to the movie tonight(Tuesday). LOL @ you and your shopping for a swim suit. I hope you find one that makes your butt look great.

  6. Lovely blog.


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