Friday, March 02, 2012

Another day in the life of me

well its Friday and that means it's Friday, when you don't work
everyday feels like Friday.  Today the Shopper is off to the mountains with friends to ski.  Usually Hubby has Friday off but he had to go into a meeting.  Devil dog is barking at everything that moves on the street and I am sitting on the computer enjoying a Diet Coke.  Today i am off to pick up a letter that
is needed for income tax, (its that dreaded time again), then to the grocery store, to mull over what
to cook for dinner and then decide we should go out for dinner.  And then I am going to do some house cleaning, and art.  Another riveting day in my life, I know its hard pounding exciting.  So I am off to get at it, 
what are you doing today?


  1. I am at work, clock watching until 4 pm when I can go home and fire up the laptop and get busy with the four!!! on-line classes I have signed up for. I haven't figured out when I'll have time to make art yet but I'm having fun learning new techniques. I'll work it out!! I can't wait till retirement when I can spend all my time doing art!! (only 6 more years!!)

  2. I'm spending some time with the computer, then out to shop for a few art supplies and a camcorder. Then back home to make some art. There's a certain very patient person who is waiting for for some art to show up from me!!

  3. i'm sitting at work at my computer thinking about all i could be creating if i were home. it's this day job that just gets in the way of my creative interest. have a great weekend.

  4. P.S. I had 2 doberman/shepards years ago that my kennel guy referred to as the Devil Dogs. You just reminded me of them talking about your dog!

  5. Hi Lee, i love coming here, somewhat i sens a little irony in your words and it makes me smile.

    your illustration i really nice, fresh springy colours... or maybe it’s me hoping spring will make it a bit earlier this year!

  6. Hi Lee...I finished my journal page and had to call someone about our roof...the wind is blowing so hard here it blew some shingles loose. I love this art piece...anything with leaves and green...I love!

  7. I had my eyes dilated today and am only now able to see well enough to read and write. much to catch up on!
    made the decision with my eye doctor, NOT to try bi-focal contact lenses, but to try wearing one reading lens and one distance lens. the experiment starts next week.

  8. Hi Lee....not much going on here home and trying to keep my good energy alive...
    Love your new art! So sping-like!!!!
    Smiles, Anke :)

  9. Hi the colors in your art...always so distinctive. I had big plans for dinner, forgot to thaw the meat, and decided to serve decision all day!


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