Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Trick Pony

This was a spread I did in my tessha Booklet, slowly but surely it is getting finished.  I hope you like it, the day I did this I was feeling like that is all I could do is make these things, hence the saying.  Then I pulled myself together and dusted myself off, did some self talk and moved on.  Do you ever get those days, when you think god why do I do art, what for.  Then you realize that you do it for you.  Doesn't matter if I never get in a magazine, or published, hey I am published right here, even if it is just 2 people who see my art, that's two more people that would have seen it , if it remained in my sketch book right. My scanner was not big enough to show his tail but he does have one.  Well I better go and get this place tided up the plumber is coming over, hey who knows I might get a thrill and see that plumber crack.....


  1. Hi Lee...this is great...also the one below...I got so caught up reading about the movie and swimsuit that I didn't comment about the art below. Just keep doing what you are doing...no one trick pony that I can see. lol@the plumber's crack!

  2. You are too funny...good luck with viewing that plumber's crack!!!

  3. hey look - there's at least THREE people who've seen (and thoroughly enjoyed) your art today :)
    and yes, I have plenty of "what's the point" days. the point for me seems to be that I have no choice. make stuff or wither up and die. if someone else sees it and enjoys it, so much the better. so yeah - keep doing it for yourself, but also keep doing it for US your adoring fans :)

  4. make it four viewers and loving your pic! OMG plumbers crack - YUK!!! and LOL!!!!

  5. Five now!

    And, unless the view was truly spectacular, I think I'd miss that other "showing"!

    You're so funny!

  6. Lee, this is wonderful as everytime you spread color out! Love your art so much and enjoy every post you publish ♥♥♥


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