Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Endurance needed

Another postcard, with vellum

Bet you thought I wasn't going to post today, well I almost didn't.  I have been watching art videos, courses I have signed up for and have not got to yet, ssh don't tell hubby, he wonders when I will be graduating, and if I am top of the class for all the courses I have been taking.

Today devil dog went to doggy daycare, and I spent the day shopping, took the other string bikini back and bought another one, not quite the pin up model but it will get by.  Why?  Because I signed up for swimming lessons, not the kiddy ones, but Adults.  I know how to swim, my father was a lifeguard in a former life and never forgot it, we learned to swim at age 4, and had all the lessons you could take.  No i need to pump up my endurance, because I plan to swim in the swim lane.  I looked at it today and it looked like it was as far away as Australia, so endurance is needed.  Plus I don't think I have swam a lap in 20 years.  I have been in a pool lounging around, but never really swimming.  Before you know it I will be in such great shape,I will be teaching the classes (lol).  After all I have graduated from pumping the soup cans, to using 1 litre milk containers filled halfway with water.  

Well enough about body beautiful, I did some art, some sketching as well, just stuff to keep my mind busy, and am now watching American Idol.  So I will sign off and talk to you soon..


  1. I love swimming, it's one activity that I start to miss very quickly that gets me back into gym (never an easy task for me :)). Because I mainly swim in the gym's swimming pool I tend to buy those sporty one-piece swimming suits which tuck in all the wobbly bits very nicely, it's a perfect excuse for me to avoid the nightmare of wearing a bikini :D

  2. you can swim over here once youve done a few laps Lee! enjoy the water... I used to love walking in the water - good excersice and since I dont swim it feels good!

  3. LOVE this postcard, beautiful! Have fun with your swimming lessons...I understand that exercise in the water is SO very good for you.

  4. Congratulations for signing up for swimming. You'll be in the fast lane in no time.

    And today's postcard is gorgeous! That technique has so much impact.

  5. that postcard is fabulous.

  6. Lee, I love this piece!!!! It's gorgeous.


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