Wednesday, March 14, 2012

proceed with caution

This is one of the pages that i am working on in my Teesha Booklet.  I don't think it is finished yet, but we will see.  There is still room for my journalling, a maybe a few more homemade embellishments.
The face i had fun doing, it is made from an old perfume box the shopper left when she moved out.  Its actually feels like suede, but I cut it into the face and beak.  Well what do you say, it needs more right?


  1. i say it’s a very interesting place right now, and that’s really what matters in art. but knowing your beautiful backgroungs, i’d love to see more ! it looks great though, what a sweet little friend. ..

  2. Does it need more? I'm not so sure. I like that bright orangey-red background but you know best what you want it all to look like. Whatever you do I'm sure it will look great. LOVE your bird!!

  3. that is SO cool. I want to touch that "suede" face. I think it's pretty great the way it is. more words make it more journally. either way it works.

  4. Love how it looks like the little fish is in his stomach...proceed with caution, indeed! :-)


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