Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Mail and a great Link

Happy mail today three postcards from Ontario Canada, and two from  Sweden.  I am participating in the Postcard swap from Ihanna, and mailed mine off a week ago.  I am so happy when I receive mail from other people.  They are all so beautiful

This one comes from  Sweden, No envelope and in perfect condition which is amazing, it has lace and flowers on it.  I cant link her no address, but her name i think is Charlotta
Another beautiful card from Sweden  from Elin Lund from
This one comes from my home country Canada, from an artist by the name of Gail,she lives in Ontario
no blog address

Since mailing my postcards, and reading this post and seeing it done, I am now making some of these.  Go over and have a look it looks like a great project.  Whoever is interested in getting one from me, let me know.  I love sending mail


  1. Good to see that it arrived! Lovely blog!

  2. Me! Me! Me! I always want a post card from you!. and I saw that same Jane LaFazio post and was knocked out. I'd love to see your take on that idea. I'll send you something back.

  3. Glad you enjoyed my card! Sorry for not having a blog though..!

  4. You know I always love getting anything you create! Am I being greedy?? I'll send you a postcard, too but not the same kind.

    You have received some great postcards from the swap. I wish I had had time for it but I knew I didn't.

  5. So fun to receive happy art mail!


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