Friday, March 16, 2012

happy mail

I got some sweet mail yesterday.  I dont know if you remember but I was in a swap with two fellow friend bloggers, Janet from and TJ from  They are such great artists, I am proud to receive these beautiful pieces of art.  I just love them.
Today is a short post, because I am off to explore the city and spend some money,
I am off to an art store I have never been to before.  The money has been burning a hole
in my pocket.  Before I leave here is a great site, with a great project that i might try,
looks like fun and would be a great gift


  1. It's always fun to swap with you. I love all my "Lee" art.

    Have fun at the art store. I wish we had one close by that I could visit...but then maybe it's a good thing we don't! My wallet would be in serious trouble!!

  2. oh that project does sound great!!

  3. fabulous art. happy shopping!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous art from your swap! Thanks for letting me take a peek. Have a wonderful weekend and have fun shopping!


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