Friday, March 23, 2012

Translucent Art

I call this translucent art, I got the idea from the link I shared
So if you didn't go to the ink, this is a brief description of what I did.
Blank card
draw design, watercolour or markers
get a piece of vellum, draw your design
Now I didn't want overdo the design because I wanted you see still see the card stock page
then I used markers, I tried watercolour ,but it makes the page curl.  So I used markers, and
white out paint.  And then put the tape around it to keep it all together.  This one I am sending to my friend
Today I am staying put, we had a huge snowstorm yesterday , but tonight I am going out with
friends to the opening of the Hunger Games, best three books I have read in awhile, stay tuned
for a movie review


  1. yippee!!!
    have fun at the movie tonight!
    last night I had a date with George Clooney and my girlfriends. (went to see The Descendants). lovely.

  2. Wonderful, Lee!! so glad you were inspired by my post!

  3. Lee, I love this!! That vellum sure makes an interesting effect and WOW on that flower!! Gotta love red!! I can't wait to see Hunger Games myself, hopefully I'll see it too this weekend. Enjoy your night :D

  4. Love this look! I tried a printed green vellum (fern leaves) over a dark pencil sketch I made of a frog's underbelly. Looked very tropical. Your red flowers surely pop from the card!

  5. OMG! I love this!!

    I hope you had fun at the movies.

  6. I'm sure Karen will love it! I just found you via her blog today and am your newest follower. I loved the Hunger Games books too but will wait a bit til the furor dies down.


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