Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Change is good

are you sick of these girls of mine,
they are all starting to blend together to me
I think I might have to change it up, or
not draw them anymore.  Friday I am
off to the ART Walk we have once a year,
maybe I can get my mojo back and make
some art that sings to me.  Do you ever
think you are just making the same art over
and over again and not challenging yourself?


  1. Hi Lee, I used to think I made the same thing over and over again. Not so anymore. I've start to make things that challenge me. That way I always learn something and am also able to see if I have improved. With a mojo in low gear, I normally make a mandala or do some doodling. It often seems that's excactly what my mojo need me to do.
    I'm not tired of your girls, most certainly you're the only one who is.

  2. I love your girls, I don't ever get sick of them...and by the way this one looks so much like you!! Yes I feel the same as you about my art. Only when I change mediums do things look different. I try different things on my own but always revert back to loads of whimsy and color because that's my passion!! Keep doing what you do so beautifully!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Lee I LOVE, LOVE I TELL YOU your girls!! I think you should open an Etsy shop or offer them at fine art america as art or greeting cards. Your girls are beautiful, refreshing and lively! Also with your mixed media techniques you could have a class! I have one but I WANT MORE! We will talk about this later!

  4. I love your girls too! And they are always different and never the same but yes, I'm currently also trying to create something else instead of mandalas and flowers ...


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