Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Summer in the city

Its not really summer for me until July hits.
Now I am in the summery mood, not only
because todays weather is spectacular,
that its bare feet, shorts and short sleeve.  Its
just the feel, all the kids  are on summer
vacation , its less busy on the roads, its just
summer in the city. We are so far north
that our nights don't get dark till around 10:30 to
quarter to 11.  You can sit on your deck,
and just enjoy, visit, paint, read, or just
chill with your family.  As you can
see I am a fan of summer.  What is your
favourite summer activity?


  1. wow! love your banner! you make summer sound like fun - I guess I'll have to rethink hating hot weather! I'll get back to you on that! Meanwhile I am so excited that my art is coming! Thank you!!

  2. Your new banner is stunningly beautiful Lee. Such happy beach huts. I have no favorite activity, but enjoying the long light nights, the warmer weather and my garden. Some shopping trips, all the fruits. Normal things but better in summer. Just as you know, the card I promised is still sitting on my desk, I'll try to mail it ine of the first days. Sorry for that.

  3. We're almost the opposite weather-wise here in Florida. I'm staying in the air-conditioning, avoiding thunderstorms and heat. We're about 90 every day. Love all your summery feeling art!


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