Tuesday, July 15, 2014

were having a heat wave

Yes we are having a heat wave, and I am not complaining our winter is so cold and long, the heat is nice.  The shopper is on her road trip and just left Vegas
and said it was so hot there, duh Vegas in the summer.....
The pool where I usually swim closed for repairs in June, and I had
to go to a new pool for a few months, now that pool is closed,
till further notice Mechanical Failure, so no swimming for awhile.
Been doing a lot of reading of art books so far this summer.  Been working on small art projects, the bird series, and making stamps.read Julie Baltzers books Stamp, Carve Play, its really good, great ideas about stamping and stuff.
The month not much new art will be on the blog, but lots of really old stuff you might not have seen, maybe some tuts, and some great sites I have found, and some good youtubes.  So stay tuned.


  1. vegas in winter isnt that cold either! would love to go back there it was fab! your pic really pops with colour! it looks like it could be a poster for something!

  2. Lovely lovely sunshine!


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