Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A whole lot of shopping....

 today was all about
looking at granite, coran, and quartz's countertops,
getting new ones for the kitchen/ bathrooms, and laundry room, cant decide
what to go with, do you have any of the above do you like them?
new kitchen tiles
new under mount sinks in bathrooms, laundry and kitchen
new faucets, a complete redo of the kitchen.  We have oak cabinets, nice wood
but its dated now, its all about dark woods, then light woods come back.  I
cant afford new cabinets, so we are updating around them.  Should be nice....the looking continues.....


  1. I cant believe we are both doing a kitchen reno at the same time!!! today the plumber left... and the mess is horrendous, not that I want to put you off. We are going for a Ikea kitchen was delivered today and will be put in next week... go see my blog for more pics........... but dont be put off its all worth it in the end! so excited for you!

  2. We put in granite counter tops a few years ago. I like them. We had tile before and I hated it. It was here when we bought the house.

    This painting is so cool...I like her top, and her expression. You do such interesting faces. I love them!


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