Saturday, July 12, 2014

its going to be a good day

went to the art walk and the mojoy rubbed off on me
loving the sunny weather today
having company for a bbq on the deck
carving small stamps
reading Carve Stamp Play from the Library
going to buy some new paints bright sunny colors
taking summer pictures
drinking cool summery drinks on the deck
enjoying the day and trying to remember each moment
what are you up to today


  1. I am trying to remember what I have done last week ;) Sometimes time passes so fast that I have some difficulties to recover the past days. I remember that I made a lovely bicycle tour last Sunday with my husband and I have enjoyed it very much as well as I always enjoy it to visit your blog! Your mixed media artwork looks great!

  2. Anonymous10:35 AM

    That sounds like a SUPER day! Wish I was with you carving stamps. Instead I'm fussing at little people who for some reason won't read my mind and know what I want them to do.

  3. On Saturday I painted most of the day...HB was at a class so I had the house to myself. Your day sounds like fun. I'll take one of those cool summery drinks, please.


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