Friday, July 04, 2014

Misc Friday

This page started as something else, which did not work out, so I collaged over it and started again, and just left the collage. Her pink head is because I had red
crayon on my hand, and touched her forehead with it, its only in
my sketchbook so It really didn't bother me.
Today I had lunch with a friend that is visiting from out of town, and not much else.  And the days of lazing around are few, since the hubster is home, when he
is working, apparently I also have to be working, he needs a job (ha ha).
Today was great and we bbq salmon, I don't like salmon, the hubster ate it, I
had something else.  Ok I wasn't going to post today but here I am, I wont
be back until Monday, talk to you then.


  1. I wasnt going to be here either but I am too! Love the girl! I like the colours you work with!

  2. I think the background is great. I laughed about the red crayon. It looks fine it just makes her look like she is having a hot flush.Lol!

  3. Sometimes you get happy little accidents that work out. Your red crayon did. She might be blushing from all the compliments she's getting!

    I love salmon! I would have eaten your share...we did bbq chicken for the 4th of July.

  4. Oh I love your new blog header!!!! It spreads a fantastic summerfeeling! It's wonderful! And again it was so much fun to read your current post about "... the page started as something else ..." I love your humour! When my pages start as something else and suddenly look different from what I have planned I am alwys getting angry ... I can learn so much from you! Thank you for sharing this :)

  5. I'm agreeing with Stefanie! And my husband always thinks we should all be busy or working when he is. Jake (son) and I plan our weekends to "look busy!" Fridays tend to be a serious goof-off day...LOL!


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