Thursday, July 17, 2014

welcome to my world

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I thought I would show you the kitchen before the make over.
I know looks old fashioned, cant do to much about the
cupboards, as we have a lot of oak in our house, but I can get new knobs
for them,
new countertops
new tiles
new undermount sink and taps
new kitchen stools for the island
of course new island countertop
new light over the table
and maybe a new kitchen table and chairs
new knobs for the cabineets
gonna take a couple of months so when its done I will show you the after pictures.


  1. Lee, your kitchen looks wonderful. Is that a window in the celing that gives such great light? All my upper cabinets have glass in the doors, and I have hung curtains inside them. I planned it that way, because I couldn't stand to look at all the inside stuff. Eye, hook and string top and bottom, works well. It will be exciting to see the after photos.

  2. whoa! that's some kitchen! it looks great! so clean and roomy! Whatever changes you make will be great because you have wonderful taste! Can't wait to see!

  3. We also have oak cabinets and I don't like them but can't afford to replace them either. My kitchen isn't quite as big as yours...but then I don't spend much time in there anyway. I'm allergic to cooking!!

  4. wow if only my kitchen looks halfway that good after our reno!!!! I agree that the oak looks a little dated, but fashions change so quickly!

    looking forward to seeing it after the work youre going to do! when are you starting yours?

  5. I like's so natural. Keep the oak cabinets! As for me, I can't see changing to a painted cabinet....what's in today will be out in a few years...anyway, looking forward to seeing the changes to your kitchen.

  6. I have those exact tiles in my entrance way. It's a beautiful big kitchen though. I used to have that light over my table too... on my second and looking for a third one only because it's hard to find light bulbs for the one I have now!!

    You know you can find a place that will professionally refinish those cabinet doors to a more current color or stain. There is nothing like starting with real wood. It's rare today! Knobs are so expensive...look on-line to see if you can find some cheaper. We need to redo our kitchen too... Check out this blog's from Edmonton and they renovate houses and flip them. You can go back and see some of what she's done. Maybe not be your taste, it's not mine but some good ideas along the way!! She knows how to find great deals!! Never enough cupboard space in her renos for my liking.

    Hugs Giggles


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