Friday, July 11, 2014

The Bird.

as you know I have been quite dis-satisfied with my art
lately, I have been doing a series of bird sketches
from pictures off the internet.  Now most of my birds
are not realistic, but the series of sketches I am doing
I am trying to be more realistic.  I have done about
10 of them, I am going to paint them with acrylics,
but true to my style, they will be my color


  1. Lee you are a wonderful artist and I think that we all feel dissatisfied with our work at times. The good thing about us as artists is that we keep going no matter how we feel about our work. I love your bird and all your work - don't ever stop!!!

  2. Lee...I'm looking forward to seeing your bird series. I know they will be great!
    I like this little guy!


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