Sunday, July 06, 2014

No Shaving required

I know I said I wasnt going to post until Monday, but here I am.
Have I got alot to say no, have I done a lot today no. We had a huge
thunderstorm last night, and lots thunder and lightning.  I love
those kinda storms, the devil dog apparently did not, he stuck
to the hubster like glue, apparently he thinks the hubster
is better protraction than I am. Today I have some items to return, I need to go to the library and get some book tapes, I need to go and get my chin threaded, before
they ask me if I need a shave.  Ok gonna go and get going, talk to you tommorow


  1. lol! you crack me up! great drawing! unfortunately I must ask you about this chin threading thing - can you share?

    1. so instead of waxing, I go get it threaded, its an old East Indian way of getting rid of unwanted hair, they hold one length of strength in there mouth, and the other end is wound around hair, and it snaps it at the root

  2. we have the threading stall here at the shop mall too. Never tried it!

  3. LOVE this girl!! And I love thunderstorms but we seldom have them here. There are lots in the Midwest where I grew up and I miss them.
    Threading sounds too painful for me!!

  4. We bought our dog one of those thunder shirts which is working very well. He was panting to the point of hyperventilating due to anxiety over thunderstorms which happen almost daily here this time of year. Now if someone could think of a brilliant solution to an, oh, well, an "air-ish unpleasantness" the dog donates to the atmosphere every evening. I would like to leave the room now.


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