Friday, July 28, 2006

everyday ramblings 2

So its Friday!!!! I am so looking forward to this weekend. First lets talk about my art picture, its about hubby tonight, to know him is to love him, he is very clean,and my studio bugs him because it is off limits to him (no cleaning in there only by me and when I say) so he walks by and always says are you going to clean that tonight. Well we moved most of Moms stuff last night, and Saturday we have about 1/2 a load so its just really putting things up and together. She got new rug, all painted, new toliet (the higher ones for the Seniors). She is really excited and so am I, everyone in the bldg seems really nice and friendly, I think she will fit in really nicely. I am going to take some pictures of her place, I know you can all hardly wait to see it. Well I am off to empty the dishwasher. Talk to you tomorrow.


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