Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tour de France 1954

Hi, well here is the project it is not quite completed I still have some journalling and some embellishments. Are you wondering why I called it the Tour de France, well here is a little known fact, my family lived in France for 3 years. I was about 1 and my sister we about 3.l The pictures are of us on trips with our Volkswagon which we bought over there, and Xmas in France. They bring back some happy memories for me and I needed to scrapbook them. Well tonight we got my daughter all ready for her trip. Well she got herself ready and I just hung around. So she is off tommorw for 12 days. I know she will be in good hands, some of that time she will be staying with my brother inlaw and newphew. Well i quess that is about it for tonight note the time and I get up at 6:00 for work. Talk to you tomorrow.


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