Thursday, July 13, 2006

Moose on the loose......

I'm back, I had a great time. While driving home from moving my mother we ran into this little guy on the side of the road just having dinner, had to take a photo, actually saw lots of moose, and deer no bears. Well my mother is now living in the same city with me. Actually living with me, till she gets her place. We have her name on a list, so dont know how long it will take, dont care, just glad she is actually in the same city as me, and I dont have that to worry about anymore. Did lots of thinking and planning and sketching well I was away and got some great ideas for my art projects. Can hardly wait to start the flower project, I might start tonight, havent really done any art for over a week, so need to get my creative juices a flowing. Got my car fixed by my brilliant brother in-law and newphew and saved myself a ton of money. Visited with them and my newphews girlfriend and her awesome little boy. I wish they all lived in the same city as me, but I will be going back lots, after all it is my favourite city in Canada.
More pictures to post, one more for tonight, was in Kelowna for a couple of days and here is one from the pier, if you never have been there, go, its beautiful just as nice as any beach city in States and less hectic. Well gotta go do some holiday lundry and relax. Talk to you all tomorrow.


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