Saturday, July 22, 2006

Holiday Time just about over...

Yes, that right back to work on Monday, have I enjoyed these two weeks off, the answer is yes. Would I have liked to go somewhere other than Vancouver and home and lay on a beach and not do one think the answer would be yes. But I am happy with what we did do and everyone I got to visit. Am I happy about going back to work, that answer would be no, but a girl has to work for that pay.
Today was hotter than.... and all the weekend is suppose to be . Alright I do have an air conditioned house and I must say I am I love with that Trane on these hot days. I always thought we dont need one, but thank god hubby wasnt listening. Tomorrow hubby is going with a friend to Nascar races, his friend had tickets, now he is really not much of a car nut, but you gotta go once in your life and see it. We (Mother and I are going to just hang out and enjoy the day). Well as you can see it's late again and I need some shut eye and really how interesting is this blog today. So stop reading and I will talk to you tomorrow. Side note that picture was taken in BC I am not sure what mountain that is, but I liked it because the haze was blocking the top it.


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