Thursday, July 06, 2006

My baby was sick.....

My baby is my Honda, I had to take it in today because I just got the brakes done about a month ago, and they seemed to be shimming (I dont even know if that is a word) but they seemed to know what I was talking about at my car place. Any way I dropped it off this morning and they said they need to machine the rotters (whatever they are) they did and did not charge me, yeah. Now the brakes work just fine, just like the day I picked her new. I have never had a new car before, hubby has, but not me, so it was my turn. So In Jan of 2004 I picker her up, two weeks later well parked at a mall, someone pushed a shopping cart into my door and gave me a bump, of course nobody stayed around and owned up to it, I then proceeded to have an accident, my fault, got that fixed, then well checking out colleges for my daughter someone with a trailer hitch on their truck backed into me and of course did not stay around to tell me. Well that still needs to be fixed which I am getting fixed next week by my brother inlaw. Its handy to have someone in the business. So these past two days have not been doing much in the studio, i have selected the paper and I have sketched the layout which i want to accomplish. Its quite the process I dont know how anyone could do it in a hurry. So am going to be away a few days starting Saturday but will post hopefully with some wonderful pictures for to share with you. So until tommorw night, good night.


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